Why Saimec?

We at SAIMEC manufacture engineering parts and components that match international standards. Our products are earmarked to be well received in the Indian markets too. We are experts in carefully crafting our products, employing sound engineering foundation strengthened by strong technical knowhow.

The reliability we showcase in terms of Cost effectiveness, quality and delivery has gifted the customer satisfaction and retention to the expected level.

Our engineers are innovation experts who always have an eye for the detail. This has turned out our designs to be best in the industry.

Our core strength lies in the well equipped technology, modernized infrastructure, consistent upgradation and adaptation to emerging industrial and technological, besides accepting competitive challenges that the industry offers to us.

We’re known for our Engineering Excellence extending affordability!


SAIMEC is a one stop supreme destination for sourcing diversified engineering products/components catering to the overseas buyers. The strategic product sourcing handled by us attracts due attention from business associates all over the world. The unique strength of our sourcing process rests in our meticulous selection of supplier as our partners in sourcing. In order to assure customer’s distinction as an organization, we hold frequent checks in terms of suppliers’ performance, quality, scheduled delivery and competitiveness, the scrutiny of which drives us strong in our journey towards quality product delivery.

Our sourcing strategies and their functional successes are apparent from the soaring profile of our suppliers ranging from winners of Industrial Excellence Awards and MSME Awards. Besides evidences of their industrial brilliance, their ethical business practices add much to the attraction. Thanks to the stringent policies of our Supplier Assessment Team!

Our sourcing partners hail from divergent fields of engineering like:

  • Foundries
  • Cast iron industries
  • CNC Machine shops
  • Textile Machinery
  • Power backup systems manufacturers
  • Pump and motor manufacturers
  • Other Original Equipment Manufacturers

Our team of Professional Engineers and experienced Managers are skillful to gift you with adequate peace of mind through the entire process of designing to prompt delivery of your products. This is attributed to their ideology that small ongoing positive changes can reap significant and consistent benefits. Yes!! Adopted from the Kaizen approach of This has been of prime importance to SAIMEC since its inception.

Quality Assurance

We commit to the Industrial quality standards and regulations as applicable to our product and services and are certified with ISO: 9001-2009

But we’re good at one more thing, catering to the prime needs of the customers assuring premium quality.

How do we do it

The Strategies that we adopt to have us always on top of the ladder as far as quality and satisfaction concerned is Total Quality Management. We impart intense attention towards assuring quality and satisfaction through:

  • Restructuring Management Policies

  • High Management Commitment

  • Total Employee Involvement

  • Adapting to technological advancements

  • Lean Production

  • Training and Education

  • Feedback Measurement


Step 1- Project review:

At the receipt of a business enquiry from the customers, our team first checks for the feasibility of the inquired product and decides upon the acceptance of the project.

Step 2-  Designs and Engineering 

On the basis of extensive research and analysis of the project, carried out in the review stage, the team of experts prepares the relevant drawings and decides on the required components and shortlists the suppliers.

Step 3- Prototyping

Developing the first sample adhering to all the specifications as per the requirements with a constant connect to the supplier and going through sample approval from the client.


 Step 4- Manufacturing 

Actual production of the components/parts in lots as per the quantity demanded by the clients, with an eye for spec details. We adopt the lean manufacturing paradigm to reduce waste, enhance quality and productivity.

Step 5- Quality Control 

Inspection of the production lot for any reworks or rejection and obtaining the approval from the client for shipment. The 5s Model that we implement in the premises has lend us a helping hand in maintaining higher quality at reduced costs.

Step 6- Shipping 

Managing the logistics and shipping as decided through the appropriate channel assuring scheduled or advanced delivery.

Best Practices


SAIMEC has the expertise with profound technical know how in designing and fabrication of components and parts. We ensure that our precision capabilities safeguards against downtime and financial loses

Swift and Speedy Delivery

As we have a close watch on the workflow process requirements and the resources associated with arriving at the final product, especially the cash management, we manage to keep pace with the on time delivery expectations of the customers. That has gifted us with a 5 star rating from our clients and customers.


A commanding quality inspection process is the yardstick to ensuring continuous improvement in performance and customer satisfaction. We adopt criteria based inspection depending upon where the product is in the workflow or manufacturing process.

Cost Effective

Delivering cost effective products cannot happen in a single day. Our team has achieved the cost efficiency by thriving upon market surveys and adopting critical evaluation of designing and sourcing from various competitive suppliers to arrive reduction in costs.