Why choose India for sourcing?

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Clients from various parts of the world enjoy benefits of knowledge acquaintance and professional relationships from the Indian vendors. India is highly resourceful to develop a network of manufacturers and sourcing partners who can serve a wide range of industries. 

The supply chains sourced from India pull in more efficient suppliers, thereby facilitating enhanced value delivered to the customers. When partnered with India, there is high possibility of opening up big opportunities with ultimate good results.

Few Attractions of Indian Sourcing

Centre in every Continent:

Indian sources are capable of offering multi-location options to the clients as their centres are spread far and wide assuring ease of accessibility to customers of almost every continent.

Precise Technology:

The advantage of certified engineers and precise tools available in India, coupled with state-of-the-art technology offers optimum or increased productivity and shortened delivery time to the clients

Automated Procedures:

Almost 60% of the Indian Companies have adapted themselves to automation of production and other support processes. The dominance of software in the system provides the advantage of secured management of data, project overviews and back up information for retrieval at any time.

Relevant Experience:

The experience level of the engineers is so ample that they bring in repeat customers to about 75% of the business who are happy with the quality of the work. The customized software development which is tailor-made as per the customer requirements lends a big support in retention of customers. 

Certified Quality Standards – Most companies in India are certified with certain quality standards and strictly adhere to it to deliver the project without making any compromise on the time. Example- Six Sigma, TQM, 5S 


Innovation: India is a country that promotes entrepreneurship development that makes high levels of innovation possible. In 2019, the number of startup ventures have grown up to 1300 according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, 2019. Whereas, China is a country run by the state and the industries are usually not efficient and definitely not innovative. Given the competitive nature of the world economy, the Indian industry stands a better chance at success in the future. 

Indian Workforce:

The Indian economy on the other hand, has a clear strategic advantage when the workforce is considered. The Indian education system has produced the workforce with the right skills, abilities and attitude to be suitable to the global economy at large. The fluency in speaking English is an added advantage for the Indian creators. Given that the future of the world lies in high skilled knowledge jobs, the Indian workforce may soon rise in prominence while the Chinese workforce may soon become redundant.

Current Global Scenario:

The Global relations phase of China is now at the down trend due to the global pandemic situation COVID-19 for which China is assumed responsible. This has brought about a No-Confidence Motion among the Big Power Nations as well as other nations of the world including India. Hence the industrial relations and the commerce of the country is adversely affected.

 This promises bright chances of other technically sound countries to emerge with better opportunities.

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