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Products & Services
Products & Services

We Specialize in

Castings & Forgings

Our foundries make precision castings and forgings for Industries across the globe. We have endeavored to become and remain the machining and fabrication provider of choice for businesses that rely on quality, precision and efficiency. SAIMEC is a leader in manufacturing customized products. We offer many value added services either in-house or with one of our affiliated partners.

Precision castings and forgings in a variety of materials and finishes. We routinely provide our customers with precision machined products. We are one of the prominent experts in the city in the foundry industry who can serve you with the forgings/castings of exact specifications. All customary foundry services are available, including NDE, heat treatment, acid cleaning and surface preparation.

We specialize in manufacturing Aluminum Alloy castings. Our castings are supplied with test certificates for Chemical composition and physical properties. Our partners are reckoned as one of the prominent Alloy bearing bracket exporters in India. We manufacture Grey Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron (VERMICULAR GRAPHITE IRON) and Ductile Iron (SPHEROIDAL GRAPHITE IRON) castings through green sand moulding process, with a combined installed capacity of over 24000 tons per annum.

Precision Machining

Employing state of the art machining technology, our manufacturing partners can create complex parts and complete assemblies to the most exacting industry standards. We deliver all machined products with exemplary quality control in process and product. Our products ensure reduced risk & enhanced operational resilience as it conforms to six sigma technique.

 We can handle all product requirements from start to finish with our network of value driven processing facilities. Our technicians produce effective and accurate results regardless of the production requirement.


We are trusted to provide the right parts at the right price and at the right time, for standard, custom or prototype synchronous drive applications. Whether you need a small pulley for a medical or computer device or a large power transmission pulley, everything is manufactured to the same exacting high precision standards that guarantee exceptional performance over long term. Our key partner in pulley manufacturing have their pulleys statistically balanced to avoid any unbalanced centrifugal which may lead to vibrations in the pulley. Pulley vibrations may cause wear of other components or bearings and may even cause catastrophic failures. Our pulleys are used in Air Compressors, Textile machineries, Power generation machineries, Food processing machineries etc.

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Sprockets & Couplings

We can manufacture Sprockets of various designs, with or without a flange. Our sprockets and chains are also used for power transmission from one shaft to another where slippage is not admissible. Our sprockets are manufactured as per British and American standards.

As a specialist manufacturer, we offer an extensive line-up on stainless steel couplings. We provide all-stainless steel couplings suited to the usage, with disk-type, slit-type, bellows-type, rigid-type and more.

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Stampings and Bent Products

We specialize in Die stamping and slide stamping to provide the key component parts that can incarnate into ideal shapes that fits into the expected product manufacture. Our commitment to low cost, highly durable stamping designs delivered in faster turn-around time is real attraction to our customers.

We own pride in supplying quality bent products to various industries in town, automotive and other OEM applications in particular. They are best in class.

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Product Gallery

Adaptor Ring
Adjusting Ring
Cooling Fan & Hub Assembly
Drive ring internal gear
Drive Ring
Geared & Gearless Housing
Geared & Gearless Housing
Housing Assembly Parts
Lantern Compressor Coupling & Impeller
Pressure Plate
Roller Adapter
Valve Plug and Thread Flange
Timing Pulley
Valve Body
Intake Cover
Housing Cover
Hatch Assembly
Gear Housing
Crank Case
Clamp Set
Bearing Bracket
Drive end Cover
Adoptor Ring

Other Services Offered

CAD Drafting Services

Our drafting experts are trained and skilled to feature out the best in class industrial designs for both engineering and architectural needs. We provide CAD conversion services to large infrastructure projects for various types of clients such as architects, construction companies and engineering firms.

Reverse Engineering

Our extensive research abilities get reflected through our reverse engineering capabilities, wherein we have made numerous replacements of components possible by way our reverse engineering processes. We assure a breath of relief to the clients who are unable to source specific parts from the OEM suppliers.

Supply Chain Management

Our adept Supply Chain management is characterized by attention given to global system of supplier relationships and our expansion of the chain beyond national boundaries into other countries and continents. Name a country, and we can make it there!
This has been made possible with the trusted and talented team of suppliers integrated into our core business.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or if you would like to discuss your project immediately then email for a quick response.  We would like to be a true partner in the manufacturing of your product, In addition to our very own we have a vast network of partnered factories in different streams of the engineering world. Name it and you’ll have it delivered at the cost and quality you aim for.