About Us


Emerge as an Inspirational Leader of the Industry in terms of Best Practices, Premium quality products, Social Responsibility and Sustainability assuring a  Value-based living to every business associate.

Our Journey

SAIMEC was a competent sprout in the year 1990. Then known as ADITH INDUSTRIES, was a successful OEM supplier. In 1999 SATHYA SAI TRADERS PRIVATE LIMITED was established, the proud introducer of stainless steel water storage tanks for the very first time in India. SAI tanks aimed at eliminating plastic storage tanks and giving the community a hygienic alternative.The rust free , self cleaning mechanism helped find its way into healthier homes , hospitals and education institutes across India. Since then we have come across multitudinous tests and trials throughout the course of transpiring into the robust tree that we are today.

The travel through three whole decades has sculpted us as an entity that believes not only in an enticing customer base, but also has us grounded with our ethics responsible to the ethos.

We’re today one of the leading sourcing and manufacturers of keenly crafted engineering products that shine with a performance and efficiency of its own kind. We cater to various industries ranging from automotive, textiles, earth moving, packing and a lot more.

Business Uniqueness

We are proficient enough to do our business in the right way but in a unique manner. With the state-of-the-art technology, and the innovative technocrats working on our ventures, we are approaching the finish line of reaching a few lakh customers.

Our approach of “Think Globally, Act locally” is our mantra to uniqueness. This drives us with all the essential forces and energy that governs all the managerial functions of our organization. Being Customer Centric is a feather added to our cap.

Our policies on adapting to changes that take effect in the process, regulations or other attributes including people are handled with utmost compassion. We are approaching the finish line of being considered a prime global supplier sooner than we expected.

We're AROUND the globe

Founded by a team of magnificent entrepreneurs and functioning with handpicked employees, SAIMEC is located in the Manchester city of South India, Coimbatore which is an Industrial hub in & out. The visionary management professionals have facilitated the expansion of business with great clientele in the most prominent countries around the globe. The executive network that superintend the international operations reinforce an impressive support systems in the following countries.